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Go Global Awards (2022)

I had the privilege of being a speaker on behalf of InvestRomania at the „Go Global Awards” event held in Tallinn, Estonia from 19-21 October 2022. I was invited to participate in the „Doing Business in Europe” panel alongside representatives from other Investment Promotion Agencies from Lithuania, Greece, Andalucia (Spain), Poland, Slovenia, and Estonia. The event was organized by the International Trade Council and Enterprise Estonia, with a focus on international trade and investment opportunities. It provided an excellent platform for companies and investment promotion agencies to network and discuss potential collaborations. There were a series of panels, keynote speeches, and workshops covering various topics related to international trade and investment. As a speaker on the „Doing Business in Europe” panel, I had the opportunity to discuss the investment opportunities available in Romania, including the country's strategic location, skilled workforce, and competitive bus

I've visited Nur-Sultan for the Kazahstan-Romania Economic Forum (2022)

 As an advisor with InvestRomania, I had the opportunity to participate in the bilateral economic commission Romania-Kazakhstan and the economic forum held on 5th and 6th October 2022. The event was organized in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, and focused on developing economic cooperation and bilateral investment opportunities between the two countries. During the forum, I was impressed by the many opportunities for investment and economic cooperation between Romania and Kazakhstan. The two countries have complementary economies, with Romania having a strong industrial and agricultural sector while Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources such as oil, gas, and minerals. The forum highlighted the potential for collaboration in areas such as energy, transportation, agriculture, and tourism. I was particularly interested in the investment opportunities that Kazakhstan offers, with a growing economy, and a favorable business climate. Nur-Sultan, in particular, has seen impressiv