Andrei Babadac is a seasoned civil servant with extensive experience in the fields of international relations, European affairs, and government to business relations. He studied Political Science at the University of Bucharest and Univerisite Libre de Bruxelles,  has a certificate in NGO and Development Management from University of East London, and took several courses on diplomacy, communication and cyberdiplomacy.

Andrei Babadac has extensive experience in European Affairs, with a particular focus on technology and communications. He has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape for businesses in Romania and has successfully implemented initiatives that have resulted in positive outcomes for various stakeholders. Andrei Babadac is passionate about promoting Romania as a prime business destination and has played a key role in helping businesses to come to the country. Additionally, he has worked with the OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct, helping Romanian businesses to comply with OECD rules. His experience in government to business relations has given him a unique perspective on how to promote investment in Romania.

Throughout his career, Andrei Babadac has developed a keen understanding of the complex social, political, and economic issues facing organizations today. He is committed to using his knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world. He is passionate about empowering individuals and communities to effect change, and he believes that strong, collaborative partnerships are essential to achieving lasting social progress.

In his current role, Andrei Babadac continues to leverage his experience and expertise to help organizations navigate the challenges of the modern world. He is committed to developing innovative solutions that drive positive change and is dedicated to ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from his work. Andrei Babadac is a forward-thinking professional who is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, and he is excited to see what the future holds for him and the organizations he works with.